Your marketing strategy, automated.

Turn data into decisions. Viam creates digital marketing strategies and dynamic plans for executives and marketers of online businesses.

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Take the guesswork out of strategic planning

Automatically and intelligently update your marketing plans through real-time analysis, so you always know what's your next best move.


Your goals vs. your current results



What your competition is (and isn't) doing



Smart manoeuvres and untapped opportunities

Never Miss a Chance for Growth

Viam’s AI-powered digital marketing platform helps you uncover opportunities to grow your business. It constantly monitors market competitors and the landscape so you know what to do next.

dynamic strategy
marketing strategy

Conceive and deploy marketing strategy

Research, analysis, conceiving and planning a digital marketing strategy for your business. Use dynamic detailed plans along with automation and AI.

Work smarter, not harder

We run a 360° analysis to identify your biggest opportunities in real-time. Viam will help you develop an actionable strategic marketing plan that improves your ROI, conversions, visibility, reputation, and trust.

Always-current competitor and landscape analysis


Marketing strategy and evolving SWOT analysis

Actionable work-plan towards reaching your goals

360 landscape view

Designed to support marketing and growth teams.

Stop wasting time on those repetitive tasks. Forget about creating digital marketing strategies that are nothing but a collection of tactics. Take control of your marketing strategy and , ensuring it is in line with your business goals.

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